After Show K&D

One of the joys of a short run is that it’s a short run. I had a wonderful time working with the director, cast and crew of KEELY AND DU with Actors Studio 66, but I will not miss Walter, the character I was playing. If ever you encounter an alternate-reality version of myself who’s as far removed from me as can be, it’s likely to be Walter. He was a real challenge, this extremist pro-life pastor, with his eloquence and self absorption. I wonder what will be next? The attendance was about what I expected for a controversial play being staged by a brand new theatre company, but I’ve never been hooked on large audiences as an actor. Dramatizations about difficult subject matter such as abortion and rape is always going to find smaller audiences; what makes me want to do them is their deeper ability to jar the senses, taking something understandable and turning it on its side. I look forward to whatever I may be cast in next, whether it be a kid’s show or a comedy, but if it’s another disturbing close-to-real story like this one was, I look forward to tackling it. That said, it’s always nice to come out from the spell of a production and relieve the mind of wondering how to promote a show that grim and whether or not Aunt Martha would come to see it. Anyway, I really did love our director, cast, crew, and production staff and look forward to next time!

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